Among the many monsters created by humans, social media happens to be the most lethal.

Social media, the youngest child of Daddy Communication and Mummy Internet is proving to be the naughtiest and most difficult to foster, especially after it started dating the sensuous Ms Artificial Intelligence while having a fling with macho Mr Corporate on the side.

The debate whether technology is good or bad is as old as technology itself and remains inconclusive just like the argument if the fire is good or bad.

Though most offshoots of technology are adding value to human life, one offshoot, which…

Out of all the popular social media platforms, Twitter happens to be the favourite one for ranting and venting.

The two most popular tirades, based on an unscientific survey and a short personal experience on the platform, are either about being lonely or seeking solitude, the “me time” as it is popularly called.

Human beings are complicated and greedy. They seek what they don't have, sometimes without really understanding why they want what they want.

Psychology Today magazine defines Loneliness as “The state of distress or discomfort that results when one perceives a gap between one’s desires for social connection…

Today was difficult.

Felt suffocating.

Something in me died.

Not sad, nor disappointed.

The feeling of going down.

Going down fast.






The day was difficult.

I survived, something in me didn’t.

Today was difficult.

(5th August 2020)

This was a complete surprise for Sheeba.

She was not expecting to run into Nawaz like this, today of all days.

Today, she had formally signed on divorce papers.

To celebrate it or maybe to forget it all, she had decided to attend this wedding. It was anyway impossible to miss the wedding of her best friend’s kid brother.

Sheeba hoped that a bit of socializing will help her get on with life and forget the long drawn, ugly divorce battle.

She knew a little dressing up and makeup goes a long way in uplifting the spirit.

Of course the…

Once upon a time, there was this big country called the Socialist Democratic Republic of Mutton Biryani or simply Mutton Biryani. It was a huge country with an enormous population. Mutton biryani was of course the preferred biryani of Mutton Biryanietes. They swore by mutton biryani. If it had to be biryani, it had to be mutton biryani.

On the borders of Mutton Biryani was a small country called the Federal Republic of Chicken Biryani or simply Chicken Biryani. The citizens of Chicken Biryani swore by chicken biryani and could kill and die for chicken biryani. …

What if there were machines like the money dispensing ATMs, where one could exchange good deeds for money. What if goodness actually paid. Not in the hereafter, but in this world itself.

Such an endeavor will have to be started at a large scale, and so will require a very competent entrepreneur or a major corporate house, maybe the government itself. Although the logical ones to enter this domain should be the religious establishments, with their enormous coffers and pathological patronage over goodness.

The market for such a venture is as big as mankind on planet earth itself. The one…


Of late I had been thinking about alternate career options. One of the idea that has stuck with me for quite some time now is a unique blend of traveling, writing, interacting and advertising. No, not a Travelogue.

Consider this, lets zero down on a famous place, shall we say Bali!. It’s a popular holiday destination in far east Asia, attracting visitors from all over the world. There must be dozen of five star hotels and hundred of budget hotels/ homestays. As per one estimate, about 5 million foreign tourists visit Bali every year. Each of these tourists carries a…

All stories have a central character who may not be the leading character but precipitates the main conflict in the narrative. More often than not it is a woman. More so if it is mythology or folklore.

Mahabharta is one of the two most popular mythological folklore in the Indian subcontinent, revered by many as factual.

The entire premise of Mahabharta is the struggle for the kingdom between two sets of cousins. Nothing new so far. …

The peril of being a professional consultant is that you are always working out scenarios in your mind. The worst case scenarios, the best case scenario and the realistic scenario.

There have been a lot of deliberations on TV chat shows and social media about how life after Coronavirus will look like. Almost everyone agrees that it won’t be the same ever again.

Here is my take on the worst case scenario: Coronavirus is here to stay for a few years, at least until the vaccine is found and the majority, if not the entire world’s population is vaccinated.


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